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How to Download Binance and Start Trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and More

If no additional parameter is specified, freqtrade will download data for "1m" and "5m" timeframes for the last 30 days.Exchange and pairs will come from config.json (if specified using -c/--config).Otherwise --exchange becomes mandatory.

download binance

If you already have backtesting data available in your data-directory and would like to refresh this data up to today, freqtrade will automatically calculate the data missing for the existing pairs and the download will occur from the latest available point until "now", neither --days or --timerange parameters are required. Freqtrade will keep the available data and only download the missing data.If you are updating existing data after inserting new pairs that you have no data for, use --new-pairs-days xx parameter. Specified number of days will be downloaded for new pairs while old pairs will be updated with missing data only.If you use --days xx parameter alone - data for specified number of days will be downloaded for all pairs. Be careful, if specified number of days is smaller than gap between now and last downloaded candle - freqtrade will delete all existing data to avoid gaps in candle data.

For that reason, download-data does not care about the "startup-period" defined in a strategy. It's up to the user to download additional days if the backtest should start at a specific point in time (while respecting startup period).

Often, you'll want to download data for all pairs of a specific quote-currency. In such cases, you can use the following shorthand:freqtrade download-data --exchange binance --pairs .*/USDT . The provided "pairs" string will be expanded to contain all active pairs on the exchange.To also download data for inactive (delisted) pairs, add --include-inactive-pairs to the command.

Assuming you downloaded all data from 2022 (--timerange 20220101-) - but you'd now like to also backtest with earlier data.You can do so by using the --prepend flag, combined with --timerange - specifying an end-date.

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