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Barnes And Noble Gift Card PATCHED

If you're shopping for a book lover, Barnes & Noble offers gift cards that can be used both online and in store. You can purchase a card with a pre-set amount, or choose your own amount up to $2,000. After receiving a gift card, you can activate it by calling a toll-free number or go online to activate and use it instantly.

barnes and noble gift card

Barnes & Noble also gives you the option to call their toll-free number to check your balance. Dialing 1-800-295-3029 will connect you to an operator who will ask you to enter "8" before entering your gift card number and the pound key. You'll be instructed to enter your PIN before being told your card balance.

Barnes & Noble is not a sponsor or co-sponsor of this promotion. Please see back of gift card or visit for terms and conditions of use. Barnes & Noble is not liable for any alleged or actual claims related to this offer.

Rybbon is a contracted university vendor providing e-gift cards for approved university business purposes including research participant payments, awards, prizes, and recognition. Rybbon is a Virginia-based digital rewards management platform that allows users to send, track, and manage e-gift card incentives and rewards. Rybbon offers over 65 different U.S-based e-gift card options, including Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Kroger, Starbucks, Target, and Uber, as well as Visa and Mastercard pre-paid cards.

VCU maintains an enterprise subscription model with Rybbon. Each order will be billed a 10% transaction fee at the time of purchase. Departments will create separate itemized line items in their RealSource purchase orders. For example: If a department was purchasing 50 x $50 gift cards. Creating the purchase order (PO) would align with the example below:

By placing a Purchase Order in RealSource - Visit the VCU Bookstore at 1111 West Broad Street and select the cards you wish to purchase. Alternatively, gift card purchases can be coordinated through email by contacting Kate Escobar at Once selected, gift cards are available for pick up immediately. The VCU Bookstore will collect the name and email address of a VCU staff member responsible for payment, and will submit an invoice to that person via email. Department staff should complete a Purchase Order in RealSource to Barnes and Noble (V00808229) for the invoice amount, complete receiving in RealSource, and submit the invoice to Accounts Payable at within 30 days.

By using a department's index code - Visit the VCU Bookstore at 1111 West Broad Street and select the cards you wish to purchase. Alternatively, gift card purchases can be coordinated through email by contacting Kate Escobar at Once selected, gift cards are available for pick up immediately. The VCU Bookstore will collect the index of the department making the purchase, and will charge that index for the cost of the cards.

Gift cards may be purchased via P-Card only when they are used to compensate research or survey participants AND when no other form of payment is reasonably feasible. Using a P-Card to purchase gift cards requires prior approval.

Available in several different designs, a Barnes & Noble Gift Card is the perfect gift for any Grad, allowing them to choose from a wide selection of bestselling books, NOOK content, DVDs, music, gift items including exclusive home décor and stylish accessories, plus unbeatable bargains. Customers can redeem gift cards at Barnes & Noble stores and online at, and gift cards are also redeemable for the entire line of NOOK eReaders and tablets, including the popular Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK.

And, since cards add a sentimental touch to any gift, Barnes & Noble is offering themed Graduation cards in several different designs from classic to modern, in-store only. For more information on any of these great products or to find other amazing gifts, visit your local Barnes & Noble store and speak with a knowledgeable bookseller, or shop online at

You are viewing current coupons and discount promotions for April 2023. For more about Barnes & Noble visit Barnes & Noble Wikipedia page, and for its current promotions connect with them on Twitter @bnbuzz, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram

If they enter through the Barnes and Noble at 5130 E. Broadway, the winner and the teacher written about will both receive a $25 gift card for the store. There's an in-store celebration, recognizing both the teacher and student, and the student has the option to read their piece out loud.

The winning entry at the national level will receive $5,000 for the teacher, $5,000 for the school he or she works for and the student will get a $500 gift card for Barnes and Noble and a new Nook device. Plus that teacher will be named the Barnes and Noble Teacher of the Year.

Barnes & Noble gift cards can be used at Barnes & Noble locations across the US. Happy Teen gift cards can be used at Barnes & Noble locations, as well as any other retailer that is shown on the front of your selected card.

Save up to 50% off new textbook prices by renting your books! The UNCG Bookstore has a commitment to low cost textbooks through a low cost guarantee, most used books, most money at buyback, and no hassle returns. The UNCG Bookstore also offers: UNCG apparel, Trade books, magazines and gifts, cards and convenience items, software and computer accessories, and much more. Barnes and Noble gift cards are accepted.

All university discounts require a valid William & Mary ID. In the case of Barnes & Noble Members, you must have your B&N Membership card with you. None of the discounts above apply to textbooks except where noted (*), gift cards, or Nook items.

The perfect card for any occasion. Redeemable online and in stores. No Expiration date.PLEASE NOTE: All retail gift cards must be shipped to a home or personal address. Gift Card shipments to company locations (i.e stores and/or offices) will not be allowed and will be delayed until we can determine an alternative address. Please make sure to enter a proper address when placing your order to avoid a delay. 041b061a72


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