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Fantom X Editor For Mac

I've installed the latest fantom editor software version 2.1 and have the usb mode selected as midi, but when i try to open the fantom x editor the icon bounces around a little bit before vanishing. have uninstalled and tried doing a fresh install but to no avail. can't get fantom x editor to open. i can get the librarian to open but can't get it to read any midi via usb cable from the fantom. i get a message that says can't get midi from fantom...disconnected or not connected properly.

Fantom X Editor For Mac

The Fantom-X Series is not only a great choice for studio musicians, but also for live performers. Using Roland's V-LINK technology, musicians can trigger and manipulate video clips when connected to an Edirol video editor like the DV-7PR. Imagine being able to instantly trigger clips from the Dynamic Pad Bank, or create transitions and effects using the pitch bender and knobs. It's a live performer's dream!

This is the new Editor/Librarian software for Version 2 of the Fantom. The also contains the sample convert software for use with S-700 series sample libraries.NOTE: Only use this software with Fantom-X6,7,8, and XR units running Version 2.Version 2.10 of the editor adds compatibility with the SRX-12 Expansion Board.

You need to press EDIT (Fantom-S) or PATCH EDIT (Fantom-X) and this will lead you to the patch editor. Make your changes here ("Wave" tab is the waveform generator, "TVF" tab is the filter, "TVA" is the amplifier, etc.) and then WRITE your patch to retain the edits.

Other thing to know is that if you record a drum part on different tracks, you can't change the level of the tracks independently - you still have one part in performance that plays these tracks. In order to change levels (and other parameters like fx sends) for each drum sound, you need to hits EDIT and work with the drum kit editor.

  • Go to MIXER and choose part 10

  • Hit [record], select track 1 (instead of "AUTO (TRK 10)").

  • Hit [play] and record a kick drum part

  • Press stop, then record, select track 2

  • Record a snare drum

  • Repeat steps 2-3, selecting different tracks and recording drum sounds

  • Press [EDIT] to go to drum kit editor and adjust proper parameters to polish your drum part

The only difference between the Fantom-S and Fantom-X librarian files is in file extension(+FSL+ versus +FXL+) and in that the formerhas a +FantomSLibrarianFile+ string at the beginning of the file, and the latter has+FantomXLibrarianFile+. So you just need to open the librarian file in a binary-safe text editor, substitute this string accordingly and then save with proper extension. E.g.,open the SoundBank.FSL, change +FantomSLibrarianFile+ to +FantomXLibrarianFile+, then savethis file as SoundBank.FXL.

Yes, the "Amp" edit function not only lets you boost/reduce the volume of entire sample, but you can also draw a 4-point envelope to make your sample fadein, out, in and out and so on. All you have to do is adjust the time position and level of each point of the envelope, just like you would do for TVA/TVF/Pitch envelopes in patch editor.


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