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jihyun ryou design buy


Eastern technology shows many more examples of sustainable thinking and design. Take the wheelbarrow. In the West, the wheelbarrow was a vehicle of minor importance, used for short distance cargo transport only, notably in construction, mining and agriculture. In the East, it became the backbone of land transportation for many centuries, carrying both cargo and passengers over medium and long distances. The Eastern wheelbarrow was of a different design than its European counterpart. By placing a large wheel in the middle of the vehicle instead of a smaller wheel in front, one could easily carry three to six times as much weight than if using a European wheelbarrow.

The one-wheeled vehicle appeared around the time the extensive Ancient Chinese road infrastructure began to disintegrate some 2000 years ago. Instead of holding on to carts, wagons and wide paved roads, the East turned its focus to a much more easily maintainable network of narrow paths designed for wheelbarrows, which were often driven in trains. The Europeans, faced with similar problems at the time, did not adapt their vehicles and road network and subsequently lost the option of smooth land transportation for almost one thousand years.

Eastern agriculture can also teach us important things when it comes to sustainability. For 4,000 years, human excrements and urine were collected and brought to the fields, where thery were applied as a fertilizer to grow food. It was transported in terracotta jars with air-tight seals, sometimes over specially designed canal networks by boats. Thanks to this method, the East kept its soil fertile and managed to feed a large population without polluting its drinking water. Meanwhile, cities in medieval Europe turned into open sewers, bringing death and disease because human excrements ended up in drinking water reserves.

The East should look at its own history for inspiration, instead of trying to replace their ingenious designs by inefficient Western ones, such as artificial fertilizers, or cars and trucks. A sustainable transport system, for example, will be built on small and light vehicles, of which the East has many. Improving them by the use of modern Western technology, such as electric motors, raises many possibilities. The East should find back its innovative spirit, but it should also be creative in combining the best of East and West, just as the Europeans did in the last 300 years.

A good example of this is the work made by Korean artist Jihyun Ryou. While listening to her grandmother and other elderly, she found out about a traditional way of storing food that she translated into a contemporary design that eliminates the need for a refrigerator. 041b061a72


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